How Inns at Suffolk Make Guests Feel Special

Customer service is the key to the success of any business and the inn owners at Suffolk are well aware of it. The inn business is very competitive there and so every inn tries to make a difference with their special offerings. Here are some ways the inns at Suffolk make the guests feel special.

Well trained staff

The staff is very well trained at the inns in Suffolk. They give equal treatment to the guests the moment they enter the premises. You will appreciate their quality of service. They will make sure you have a comfortable stay at the inn.

Pay attention to every detail

The staff at the inn will pay attention to every little detail from the texture of your bedsheet to the light bulbs. They will make sure that your room is stocked with tea, coffee, and other beverages and snacks. They will ensure that your bathroom is in the best condition. They will attend to your needs even before you address them.

Give something extra


The inn will give you something beyond their expectation. That way you will have a good memory and come back to the inn in the future. You will also share their stories with their friends and families.

For example, some inns provide free breakfast and high-end coffee, or a high tea arrangement for the guests for free in the afternoon. They also give some welcome gifts or a free spa session. These little things make the guests feel special.

Personalised customer service

They will provide personalised customer service to the guests. Before you arrive at the inn, they will send you an email for knowing your likes and dislikes. They will learn about your food preferences.

They can arrange a private tour of the city or nearby places. If any guest plans to celebrate the birthday or anniversary of dear ones, then the inn staff will help in arranging the surprise moment.

These simple things will make the guests feel special. The inns at Suffolk have very good reviews, especially for their outstanding customer service. You will have a very enjoyable time staying there.